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A requirement to renew my Wetzel's Pretzels lease at Arundel Mills was to make extensive modifications to the storefront and service areas; I shuttered at the thought. Recalling the anguish and expense that I went through with the original store and previous national contractor in 2000, I knew I couldn’t make the same mistake again.

Now, confronted with the need to select a qualified and honest construction company to perform the remodeling, I did extensive research and obtained numerous estimates. After careful consideration, I selected Acropolis Construction, and based on their performance, I would rate them a 10+. They were easy to communicate with, very knowledgeable, and always acted in my best interest.

The big question is – would I use them again? The answer is, unequivocally – without a doubt!

My highest recommendation is awarded to Acropolis Construction.

Jay Polish
Wetzel’s Pretzels Franchisee

Acropolis did an excellent job on the renovation project for HCD International. They told us they would be out in 30 days and they did exactly what they said. The workers performed their job and helped with other tasks too without being asked. The respectful manner that the Project Manager treated us with questions or requests was extremely refreshing. Acropolis was fair with pricing and very honest about what could be done and how long it would take. The renovation project that could have been a nightmare turned out to be a small inconvenience with beautiful results.

Acropolis stayed within the budget and was easily available. They provided us with excellent customer service. HCD International would be happy with to use Acropolis services again for any future construction projects and will certainly recommend them to others.


Jean Drummond

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the outstanding job your organization delivered regarding the renovation of our most recent bank branch at 25 Crossroads Dr., Owings Mills, MD. Everyone from your organization was very professional and the work was completed on time and at budget. Given our tight time frame relative to opening this new location your expeditious approach was most appreciated.

Several years ago Acropolis completed extensive renovation work on our corporate offices. Our very favorable experience was the same then as it was regarding the most recent work completed for us. Through both projects, it's been a genuine pleasure to work with you and your fine staff. Also appreciated were the many suggestions made by your group on ways in which we could achieve the professional appearance we desired on both projects while staying within our budget. Best wishes for continued success!

Very truly yours,

G. Bradley Sanner
President and CEO

I am happy to express appreciation for Acropolis Construction Company's (ACC) key role in developing Maryland Transit Administration's (MTA) 30,000 square foot Police Headquarters and Northern District for MTA Police at 4701 Mt. Hope Drive, Baltimore, MD 21215.

The fact that the Police were relocated from their current location for a higher priority perpetuated by the Administration offered MTA an opportunity to provide desperately needed police facilities commensurate with professional policing. These facilities are now considered "Best-in-Class" among the region's police organizations. As events of these times continue to unfold, and with the current command intact this facility constructed by Acropolis Construction Company (ACC) and those who command and operate it will prove their worth and justify every taxpayer dollar that was invested in its development.

On April 28, 2011, ACC completed the conversion of a cold dark shell into the home of the new MTA Police facility. This facility is home to a state-of-the-art, highly utilized space that hosts "best-in-class" video surveillance and communications technology from which the Police can closely watch all modal facilities, observing inappropriate activity increase officer response time and facilitates crime reduction. The facility also accommodates the Police Training Unit, District/Patrol /Special Operations, the Administrative Bureau and the Office of the Chief of Police.

Additional amenities include interior spaces built to accommodate a 24/7/365 functioning police station in accordance with current day office construction, tenant improvement standards; including the amenities to be expected within a functioning urban police station. Furnishings, fixtures and equipment are all specified to be commensurate with a professional police environment. The design maximizes the use of space, and utilizes natural and artificial light in an environmentally friendly manner. High level security incorporates blast proof window films, access control CCTV security monitoring, and prospectively, a fenced area in the rear of the building's exterior, to be used for secure delivery of detainees, storage and parking of in-service vehicles; all constructed by ACC as the general contractor.

Tenant improvement interior package was assembled, organized and constructed by ACC at a design build value of approximately $3.5M. The construction of this facility was a precursor to the federal government's acquisition of the existing Police Department's NW Baltimore Site to support the Social Security Administration's proposed new development. The project, which included; leasing of a desired building/location, planning, programming, design and construction of this facility suffered a chaotic project beginning over the process and competing interests above and beyond the authority of the project team. Design consultancy and staff projected the original construction timeline at 18 months which was initially rejected by the Administration. A revised schedule of 14 months was again rejected. When compromise on the approach was reached and leasing activities were concluded, the project team led by ACC was provided 8 months to construct this facility.

From project inception, ACC provided a reality check to the construction approach and consistently produced results, hitting each milestone established; and was prepared with solutions for problems when they occurred. Through countless meetings with many governmental officials and stakeholders about process, funding, method of payment and other distractions, ACC was focused on the mission-at-hand from a "can do" perspective and devised an orderly approach that became the guiding principles throughout the construction process. ACC's decisiveness, pro-activeness and construction expertise helped to galvanize our project team. It was this joining of like minds in a project with a challenging deadline and no approved budget that we initiated the demolition of the facility on August 30, 2010; and the client took occupancy 8 months later.

ACC coordinated construction around the concurrent and sequential activities of 9 major disciplines and over 30 specialty trades in order to achieve the desired completion objectives. Given the known obstacles and competing interests over several parties through the process, ACC remained vigilant to the task that an 8 month construction period would be sufficient to complete this project. In addition to quality workmanship in a complex project, and from a proactive customer focused, solution orientated perspective; ACC was instrumental in the following:

1. Selection of the General Superintendent,

2. Instrumental in unique partnering and requiring consistent and continual communication and accountability among project team members and subcontractors

3. Bi-weekly D/B meetings with the entire project team; and with sub contractors on the alternate weeks.

4. Project team members in constant contact 24/7, after hours/weekends.

5. ACC also initiated a 24-48 turnaround on submittals, approved changes and substitutions of materials or methods.

Appreciation of ACC's participation was publicly acknowledged at the MTA Police open house on May 16, 2011, especially the construction team's role in having the facility in spectacular order when promised.

Major accomplishments that the project team can be credited for under ACC construction expertise are:

• PROJECT COMPLETED ON TIME & WITHIN BUDGET - averting Administration exposure to a $40M penalty imposed by the federal government for not vacating the Wabash Avenue site by 4-30-11.

• A facility that offers high value to the Administration in that it provides a state of the art capability for maintaining safety of the MTA transit lines and for training officers who serve in the line of duty. The monitoring facility (warm shell by ACC) allows the MTA to monitor 529 closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras that provide real-time coverage at 20 Subway and Light Rail stations. By 2014, the MTA will have hundreds more CCTV cameras to cover 37 transit rail stations

• A "best in class" training facility that is now capable of providing the needed and best training to its officers and other law enforcement officials

• A facility that boosts the "esprit de corps" and morale of the MTA Police force; and now provides additional value of the transit system to its ridership and bolsters the image of the reigning Administration.

• An originally estimated design build schedule of 18 months was reduced to 14 months, and subsequently further reduced to 8 months to build the facility following approval of the lease from the Board of Public Works

• Tenant Improvements were constructed within budget.

• Systems connectivity was furnished below budget.

• Customer satisfaction with the new facility was rated very high.

• This facility also offers value to the State in that it enhances the mission of the MTA Police and safeguards the well-being of its constituents through state-of-the-art technological systems in a facility that will last longer and save tax payers dollars over a temporary relocation.

• Transportation officials stated that "this project serves as an example for future MTA projects and a national standard for transit monitoring."

ACC and its leadership were major contributors to this effort from inception to post occupancy. ACC assisted in expediting decisions involving conflicts between field conditions, plans and specifications. Field directives to the superintendent kept the project on track. In February 2011 when we were in jeopardy of losing valuable time to BGE and "maxed out" on temporary power, ACC tirelessly and diligently kept contacting BGE officials on the issue of permanent power until we were accommodated; all the while, keeping project managers and owners' representatives informed as to progress. ACC coordinated well with the Systems Engineering Group in the PMF development, MCE for furniture layout and coordinating finish selections, as well as being responsive directly to the project team. ACC coordinated timely with STV's M/E/P professionals in their response to RFI's and challenged a few of their solutions from a common sense approach. Through ACC's participation in this multifaceted assignment, collectively the project team was able to complete an 18 month construction job, relocate personnel and operate from the facility in a period of 8 months.

In February 2011, when the vision came to fruition, I made the decision to relocate MTA Police Headquarters to this facility which included the Office of the Chief and the Administrative Bureau to the existing offices that were to be accommodated. ACC exhibited a great degree of flexibility and adaptability during the course of a politically challenged project. Their assistance in interpreting the DGS Standards and landlord contribution to the tenant improvements was painful and challenging, yet it was met with an even-tempered spirit. This personal attribute in a tense situation enabled the process to move to closure.

Throughout the project ACC provided excellent customer service to all team members from a confident and controlled perspective. All the while ACC created excellent rapport with the entire project team from day 1 as well as the other professionals associated with the project. The Project Manager, Melvin Pierce stated that through the efforts of Gary Armstrong, the team was able to deliver to a first rate, best-in class, and technologically advanced facility. Teamwork truly made the Dream work! They are to be congratulated for construction excellence in this ambitious endeavor. I am happy to recommend ACC for an MDQ1 Excellence in Construction Award.


Colonel John E. Gavrilis
Chief of Police

Our congregation is grateful and appreciates how you provided for the finishing of our Children's Christian Education area and the Emmanuel's Rock snack bar. You provided for us a place built to God's glory. This space will provide programs to the children and youth of Hampden, Medfield, Woodbury and Remington neighborhoods of Baltimore City. It truly was our Easter present this year.

Your company is professional and caring and I am happy to refer you in the future.

Grace and Peace,

Robin B. Johnson

“After careful consideration, I selected Acropolis Construction, and based on their performance, I would rate them a 10+. The big question is: would I use them again? The answer is unequivocally. Without a doubt!”

Jay Polish Wetzel’s Pretzels Franchisee

“Acropolis did an excellent job on the renovation project for HCD International...HCD International would be happy with to use Acropolis services again for any future construction projects and will certainly recommend them to others.”

Jean Drummond President,
HCD International

“...it's been a genuine pleasure to work with you and your fine staff. Also appreciated were the many suggestions made by your group on ways in which we could achieve the professional appearance we desired on both projects while staying within our budget. Best wishes for continued success!”

G. Bradley Sanner President and CEO,
Regal Bank & Trust

“The bottom line is that whenever you have a choice between quality craftsmanship and expediency you always choose quality. I am grateful!”

Gerry Brewster Private Homeowner

“The customer service demonstrated by Acropolis from the President to all of the “guys” was professional, consistent, and focused on our satisfaction.”

Vincent Diaz President,
Atlantic Thread & Supply
Company, Inc.